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Max is an adventure journalist and this is a collection of writings and musings

about exploring the great outdoors.


Full moons always seem to make people act strangely. You know, like black cats, and triangles, and naked skiing...that kind of stuff. A few hundred stoked Coloradans joined together to create a somewhat ridiculous evening in the mountains to celebrate the full moon, skiing, bonfires, and whiskey.

Some brave and very generous drivers shuttled everyone to the top of the pass for easy access to dozens of runs right off the ridge. Headlamps were optional.

Pickup trucks, Jeeps, and even a fully decked out mini school bus happily dragged the masses to the top.

Let's be honest, the night was not about the skiing. Camaraderie, grilling, drinking, and hanging out were the name of the game. A full moon with clear skies and soft corn snow were icing on the cake.

Damn where did I leave my pants?


Words: Maximilian Ritter Photos: Maximilian Ritter, Christian Williams